A Brief Heading

Our Story

Zhejiang You Ren Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, relying on the industrial base of children’s furniture in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, focusing on the field of children’s educational products and stationery and drawing materials, and research and development, production, sales and service in one of the international enterprises. 

The company focuses on educational toys and furniture for children aged 0-6 years old, with one R&D center, two independent factories and one import/export division, as well as a complete purchasing supply chain and product inventory system, providing one-stop purchasing solutions for kindergartens and educational institutes all over the world. Up to now, the product categories include educational toys, furniture, sports products and so on.

Why Choose Us

One-stop Service

A one-stop service provider that can offer a complete solution from space design, furniture purchase to installation and setup. Save time and effort and ensure a uniform style of kindergarten environment.

Safe wooden furniture

Wooden furniture, with its natural materials and warm color, brings a natural and harmonious atmosphere to the kindergarten. The clean wood tables and chairs, bookshelves and toy storage cabinets can stimulate children’s interest in learning and exploration.


Customized furniture and space layout according to the specific needs and educational philosophy of the kindergarten to make the kindergarten environment more distinctive and meet the educational objectives

Service & support

The one-stop service also provides follow-up maintenance and support to ensure that the kindergarten environment is kept in the best condition for a long time, and that the furniture is renewed or repaired in time to minimize the troubles in operation